Lakers, Celtics battle it out for Game 2


The /*Lakers*/ have the lead by taking Game 1 from the /*Celtics*/ in a 102-89 game. /*Kobe Bryant*/ scored 30 points and /*Pau Gasol*/ had 23 points during Thursday's finals opener.

The two teams have come face to face in the /*NBA Finals*/ 11 times in the last 50 years, making Thursday's game their twelfth meetings in the finals.

The Lakers are aiming to repeat their 2009 finals performance, where they beat out the /*Orlando Magic*/. However, the Celtics conquered the Lakers in the 2008 finals, so a 2010 win would be sweet revenge for Laker fans.

Also, a 2010 finals victory for the Lakers means a fifth NBA title for Kobe, who has yet to cross Boston off his bucket list.

You can catch Game 2 of the NBA Finals on ABC7. Coverage begins at 4:30 p.m.

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