Pro-Israel crowd rallies outside LA consulate

LOS ANGELES The crowd was very vocal and proud, many waving Israeli flags high in the air. They cheered and chanted as speakers gave speeches at the podium. One of the first to speak was Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The /*Israeli Consulate*/ sponsored the massive solidarity rally. Organizers say that they want to give U.S. citizens in Los Angeles a chance to show their support for /*Israel*/.

All of this comes as the political firestorm continues to grow a week after Israeli commandos killed nine protesters who defied a naval blockade of Gaza.

Those who turned out for the /*Mid-City*/ rally said that the rally sends a very clear message.

"It makes me cry when I see all these officials, the governor, the mayor's representatives, it makes me cry to see that they believe in us, how they believe in the Jewish people and they believe in the state of Israel," said protestor Rebecca Appel.

During the rally, /*Wilshire Boulevard*/ was shut down between /*Crescent Heights*/ and /*San Vicente*/ boulevards. /*LAPD*/ said that rally organizers have a permit to demonstrate until 7 p.m. Sunday.

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