Bell may eliminate police force to save money

BELL, Calif. /*Bell*/ wants to save money by eliminating its police force and merging it with /*Maywood*/'s police department. While it would cut costs, it would leave half of Bell's police officers without jobs.

The Maywood Police Department would benefit from the move. They recently lost their insurance coverage because they're considered too high-risk.

Last year, the state attorney general's office found wide-spread over use of force and other gross misconduct. A multitude of claims have been filed over the years against Maywood; in 2006, the department faced $12 million in claims.

The number of claims has since dropped significantly, but with its history, it will be tough to find an agency to insure them on their own.

According to the /*L.A. Times*/, Maywood's interim city manager said the merger with Bell would improve their chances at being insured.

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