Shawn Johnson stalker enters insanity plea

LOS ANGELES Robert O'Ryan told a judge he wanted to enter the insanity plea during a hearing Monday in Los Angeles. He is scheduled to go on trial Tuesday on felony burglary and stalking charges.

O'Ryan allegedly expressed his desire to try to marry Johnson. His obsession with the gymnast caused him to drive cross country from his home in Florida to try and see her.

He was arrested in March 2009, after he jumped a fence at the studio where "Dancing With the Stars" was rehearsing. Johnson was 17 years old at the time and was competing on the hit ABC show. She eventually went on to win the "/*Dancing*/" competition.

O'Ryan was stopped by security guards when he tried to get on the set. When authorities searched his car they found a loaded shotgun, a handgun, duct tape and love letters.

Johnson filed a restraining order against O'Ryan shortly after his arrest.

He could face nearly four years in state prison if convicted.

The judge warned O'Ryan that if he is found to be insane, he could be confined to a state mental hospital for much longer.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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