Intoxicated woman calls 911 to find a husband

ALLIANCE, Ohio Audrey Scott spent three days in jail for calling 911 five times in one hour from her home in Alliance. The offense is a class four misdemeanor.

"Get me that husband," Scott said in the 911 call.

"You need to get a husband?"

"Yes," Scott responds.

"You're calling 911 to get a husband? Do you know you can get arrested for dialing 911?"

"Let's do it."

"You want to get arrested for dialing 911?"


The dispatcher who took the call says nothing could have prepared her for the experience.

"We've heard everything, but then somebody like this comes along and you're still like, 'Oh my gosh, she did not just ask for that," said Christi Klimes, 911 dispatcher.

Scott says she realizes she made a mistake. She says she had been drinking.

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