Carly Fiorina wins GOP Senate nomination

LOS ANGELES Senator Barbara Boxer won the Democratic Senate nomination at about 8:15 p.m.

Fiorina won the Republican nomination at approxmately 9:05 p.m. Tuesday. If she defeats Boxer in November, Fiorina will be the first female GOP U.S. Senator from California.

/*Carly Fiorina*/ has outspent her two opponents, former congressman /*Tom Campbell*/ and Irvine Assemblyman /*Chuck DeVore*/, and held a commanding double-digit lead in the polls. The first-time candidate cast her ballot in the Bay Area Tuesday morning.

"I think people right now in California are united in the reality that bigger and bigger government, higher and higher spending, higher and higher taxes, thicker and thicker regulations are costing us our jobs," Fiorina said.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO's views on gay marriage, guns and abortion appeals to conservatives. She also wants to make job creation a priority.

DeVore said he was not concerned that he had been trailing in the polls.

"In a normal environment, polls can be a good barometer of what's going on, but 2010 is not a normal environment," DeVore said. "Not with the /*Tea Party*/. Not with this restive concern of voters. So, I think that there's going to be some surprises on Election Day."

Although DeVore already sent in his absentee ballot, he accompanied his wife and daughter, a first-time voter, to a polling location in Irvine.

DeVore's views on taxes are appealed to conservatives. He also opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and supports offshore drilling and the development of nuclear power plants.

DeVore said he has more volunteers spread out around the state than his opponents did and believed he would vastly outperform polling predictions.

Campbell is well-liked but is considered too moderate for many Republican voters. He favors abortion rights and gay marriage, and in the past has favored tax increases. Campbell also supports building a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Barbara Boxer and the Democrats have been raising a lot of money in anticipation of what they expect to be a very expensive Senate campaign.

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