Parolee arrested for Manhattan purse snatching

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. Police arrested 29-year-old Justin Tyson of Fontana on Sunday shortly after they say he robbed a woman of her purse and ran off.

The incident happened on Highland Avenue and 9th Street just before 1 a.m. Investigators say Tyson approached the victim as she waited for friends and asked her for a cigarette. He then grabbed her purse and ran off.

A short time later, officers tracked down Tyson in the area of Ocean Drive and 1st Street where they arrested him.

Detectives are trying to determine whether Tyson is also responsible for similar robbery that happened four days earlier, about two blocks away from Sunday's robbery.

In that case, the suspect approached the victim who was walking with a male friend. Police say he claimed to have gun although he did not reveal one. He then grabbed the victim's arm and wrestled her purse from her before running away.

Tyson is already on parole for carrying a loaded firearm.

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