Dutchman admits to killing Peru woman in rage

LIMA, Peru /*Stephany Flores*/ had reportedly used /*van der Sloot*/'s computer and discovered that he's suspected in the disappearance of Alabama teen /*Natalee Holloway*/.

The 22-year-old Dutchman reportedly told investigators that he attacked Flores when she took his laptop.

Police say he tearfully made this admission:

"I did not want to do it. The girl intruded into my private life. She had no right. I confronted her. She was frightened. We argued, and she wanted to get away. I grabbed her by her neck and I hit her."

Peruvian authorities said Tuesday that they're planning on taking van der Sloot on a crime scene walk-through. Authorities say police have until the weekend to file criminal charges against van der Sloot in Flores' murder.

Surveillance footage shows that van der Sloot brought Flores to the hotel in the early morning hours on May 30.

Moments later, a camera upstairs captured them walking into van der Sloot's room. This is the last time Flores was seen alive.

Four hours later, van der Sloot left the hotel alone. Flores' body was discovered in his hotel room three days later.

The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant quoted the suspect's lawyer in the Netherlands as suggesting the confession may have been coerced.

"Joran told his mother crying Monday that he was being interrogated under reasonably barbaric conditions," the paper quoted Bert De Rooij saying. "He said the police were trying to force him to confess."

Under such conditions, he said, the "confession was possibly false."

Coerced or not, there's hope that van der Sloot's confession will lead to new clues about what happened to Holloway.

Holloway's mother isn't commenting on van der Sloot's alleged murder confession. After all, it wasn't about her daughter.

"Let's all remind ourselves and keep the Flores family in our hearts and in our prayers," said Beth Holloway.

She announced the opening of the Natalee Holloway Resource Center to help families of missing persons only hours after Peruvian police say van der Sloot confessed to murdering Flores, who was killed on the five year anniversary of Natalee's disappearance in Aruba.

Now, investigators in Peru are pressing for more details about what happened to the Alabama teen.

On top of it all, there could be even more trouble for van der Sloot. U.S. authorities are looking into an extortion plot involving $15,000 that was wired to a Netherlands bank by someone in Alabama, allegedly for information on Natalee's whereabouts.

AP contributed to this report.

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