Sony hopes 3D TVs gain popularity like HD TVs

LOS ANGELES "We're doing it across the entire corporation. Every part of Sony is deeply involved and we're all together on making this successful," said Stan Glasgow, the /*Sony*/ Electronics president.

Not only is Sony into /*3-D*/, they expect 30 films in 2011 to be released in 3-D and approximately 11,000 movie screens across the U.S. to have 3-D projectors.

Sony's launch took place at the Sony Pictures Studios in /*Culver City*/ where members of the media got to get an up close and personal look at the new technology that Sony said will no longer be mediocre 3-D.

"I think we've learned starting with HD television that there are great ways of doing it and not-so-good ways if doing it," said Glasgow. "Three-D is even more complex as a medium, so I think we're trying to encourage everybody by leadership that it has to be done the right way."

Bryan Burns with /*ESPN*/ says they've also made a major commitment to 3-D, albeit a risk.

"This is very much like when we went to high-definition television 7 1/2 years ago. The country really hadn't gone yet, but we made the decision to go. In retrospect, it was really the right thing to do," said Burns. "Whether the same will be true about 3-D, only time will tell."

Friday, ESPN will broadcast the very first game of the /*World Cup*/, and it will be shown in 3-D. It is just the beginning of over 100 programs on ESPN that will be in 3-D.

But no matter if you're in the movie theater or watching it on television or playing a video game in 3-D, you're still going to need those glasses.

"When we did the /*USC*/-Ohio State football game last fall, we did consumer research around that game, the people basically said, 'I don't like the glasses,' but once they watched the game they said, 'It really wasn't a problem,'" described Burns.

Sony and other companies will showcase their new 3-D products at the /*Electronic Entertainment Expo*/, scheduled to take place June 15-17 at the /*Los Angeles Convention Center*/. Products launched at the expo are slated to be available in stores as early as July.

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