Charges imminent in van der Sloot Peru case

LIMA, Peru

There was a newly released video Thursday showing the fateful moment that would lead to her death.

The video shows how /*Joran van der Sloot*/ met the Peruvian girl, /*Stephany Flores*/, he's accused of murdering. He can be seen sitting at a poker table when 21-year-old Flores walks up and sits next to him.

They left the casino together around 5 a.m. Hours later, Flores was dead and van der Sloot went on the run.

Peruvian officials say van der Sloot confessed to killing Flores five years to the day that Alabama resident /*Natalee Holloway*/ disappeared in Aruba.

The money van der Sloot used to fund his South American trip allegedly came from extorting the Holloway family.

"This creep went and tried to shake down a quarter of a million dollars from the Holloway family there on this, it's horrible," said private investigator Richard "Bo" Dietl.

Dietl, a private investigator hired by the Holloway family, says van der Sloot demanded millions in exchange for information about where Holloway's body could be located.

Dietl says the FBI arranged a meeting in Aruba between Holloway family lawyer John Q. Kelley and van der Sloot, a meeting that was secretly videotaped.

"Ten-thousand dollars in cash is transmitted," said Dietl. "Fifteen-thousand is wired to the Netherlands into his account. You have wire fraud. You have extortion."

The FBI was hoping he'd lead them to Holloway's body. Instead, van der Sloot left the island.

"Why would they send the money to a person as dangerous as they knew he was, and just let him go?" said Stephanie Jimenez, a friend of Stephany Flores.

The FBI issued a statement: "We offer our heartfelt sympathy to the Flores family." But, they say when van der Sloot left aruba, their investigation was "not sufficiently developed to bring charges."

If he's tried and convicted of murder charges in Peru, van der Sloot would face from 15 to 35 years in prison.

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