Off-duty OC deputy crashes into elderly woman

SANTA ANA, Calif. Allan James Waters, 36, of Laguna Niguel, has been charged with one felony count of driving under the influence causing bodily injury, and two felony counts of selling a substance in lieu of cocaine.

Investigators say Waters crashed his vehicle into the car of a 78-year-old woman on Wednesday, June 9. Waters was allegedly under the influence of prescription drugs. He is also charged with using fake cocaine to purchase prescription drugs.

If convicted, Waters faces a maximum sentence of seven years in state prison. Investigators say on Wednesday Waters was involved in a minor accident on Golden Lantern Street in Dana Point. They say a few minutes after leaving the scene of that incident he was involved in a much more serious accident.

Officials say he crossed over the middle lane and crashing into a vehicle driving in the far left lane. The driver of the other car is 78-years-old. She suffered minor injuries, and was transported to the hospital as a precaution.

Waters is being held on $100,000 bail and is expected to be arraigned Friday, June 11.

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