Couple discovers their fairy tale beginning

Donna and Alex Voutsinas met 13 years ago, or so they thought. Just days before their wedding, Donna was looking at some old photos. She found one of her as a child, 30 years ago with her family at /*Disneyworld*/. Alex couldn't believe it. In the background was his father pushing him in a stroller.

"I would have never noticed the picture. I've looked at it through the years and, of course, all I notice is me and my brothers. Just to be in the same picture with my wife when we were basically toddlers, it's unbelievable," said Alex Voutsinas.

Even more remarkable, Alex's family lived in Montreal at the same time that Donna's lived in /*New York*/ and yet their paths crossed, without their knowing it, in the split second the photo was taken.

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