'Karate Kid,' 'A-Team' hit the big screen

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES The first flashback of the weekend involves a favorite renegade group of Special Forces soldiers also known as "The A-Team."

The 1980's TV series has a new star quartet: /*Liam Neeson*/, /*Bradley Cooper*/, /*Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson*/ and /*Sharlto Copley*/.

The members of this tough but clever group still take on missions no one else wants to do, but this time around, they also have to try and clear their names after being set up for a crime they didn't commit.

The film gives us plenty of action mixed with quite a bit of humor.

/*Jessica Biel*/ also stars in this rated PG-13 movie.

Our second blast from the past involves a favorite from 1984 "The Karate Kid."

In this remake of the 1984 sleeper hit, /*Jaden Smith*/ and /*Jackie Chan*/ step in for /*Ralph Macchio*/ and Pat Morita and the film takes place in China. The core of the story is the same. A young teen, who's been bullied, finds a Kung Fu master to teach him how to defend himself, and learn a few life lessons along the way.

"The Karate Kid" is rated PG.

Also new is the Joan Rivers documentary.

"Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work" chronicles a year in the life of the legendary comedian. With thousands of jokes in the special filing system, the 76-year-old has no thought of retiring.

Rivers continues to work on the comedy craft she's been involved with for most of her life.

And that's what's new at the movies this weekend.

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