Boxer, Fiorina spar over unemployment issue

SACRAMENTO, Calif. /*Barbara Boxer*/ visited the University of California-Riverside Friday, the location of the first new medical school in California in 40 years. The school brings new jobs through federal stimulus money.

In San Diego /*Carly Fiorina*/ stopped at a San Diego lumber yard and met with business owners forced to lay off hundreds of workers.

Wednesday, Fiorina forgot she had a live microphone on her.

"Louda saw Barbara Boxer briefly on television this morning and said what everyone says, 'God, what is that hair? So yesterday,'" said Fiorina on Wednesday morning.

Fiorina's own hair is now growing back after chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

At UC Riverside Boxer was asked if she took the hair comment personally.

"Everybody has bad hair days," said Boxer. "But I can tell you as I go around the state, no one talks about that."

People apparently did talk about Boxer's hair after Fiorina said it. But the focus of the voters and both candidates now is on jobs and the economy.

"My opponent has opposed every single attempt at job creation," said Boxer. "For example, she opposed the economic recovery act -- I see people here, construction workers."

Fiorina says the unemployment is because of people like Boxer supporting things like the stimulus act.

"Passing a bill in the U.S. Senate does not create a job. What creates a job is letting these people get on with their work and getting out of their way," said Fiorina.

They have sharply different views on what needs to be done to put people back to work.

So it's no surprise that unemployment will be the central issue of this Senate campaign.

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