'Eclipse' stars talk about film's intensity

LOS ANGELES In "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" it's not just Bella and Edward or Bella and Jacob. Many of the scenes finally feature all three characters in this strange teenage love triangle.

For the actors, it was great to finally get to really mix it up all together.

"It was a very different experience. I have really unique relationships in the movie with each of them," said actress /*Kristen Stewart*/. "Then to try to shove both of those relationships together or at least put them (Edward and Jacob) around each other and see what they do -- literally now their dynamic is surprising for Bella because she is like 'Why do you guys even care?' Because she's so clueless."

"Almost every single scene is with the three of us, or the two of us" said actor /*Robert Pattinson*/. "There is a completely different energy in every single scene."

/*Taylor Lautner's*/ character, Jacob Black, is more aggressive in this sequel. He loved finally getting to really act with his friend, Rob Pattinson. He only saw one problem.

"The most challenging thing about filming this movie is having to hate Edward because Rob is such a nice guy," said Lautner. "We ruined plenty of takes because we just couldn't keep a straight face."

"/*Eclipse*/" makes its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 24. It hits theaters on June 30.

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