Famous singers show up for education benefit

LOS ANGELES Paul Reiser played host for /*The Songs of Our Lives, Volume 3*/. The event raises money for the Fulfillment Fund, which is dedicated to helping low-income students graduate high school and get into college.

"It's helping students who would never have an opportunity. So it's really life-giving in that sense. So I call friends," said Charles Fox, songwriter and event producer.

Charles Fox, who wrote "Killing Me Softly," created the idea and his pals jumped on board.

"It's songwriters doing their own songs and we're helping high school students succeed in college," said actress-singer Ilene Graff. "It's like perfect!"

"All songwriters want to sing their own songs and it's great to hear them do it," said singer-songwriter Mac Davis. "I don't care how old they are or how young they are, it's great to hear a guy sing his own song."

Stephen Bishop volunteered his time and talent. So did Neil Sedaka.

"I was given a gift and it's wonderful to give the gift back to the audience, the charities, wherever I can be of help," said Sedaka.

"I mean, that's what art is supposed to do. It's supposed to give back and make people feel good," said singer-songwriter Steve Tyrell.

Maybe that's why so many people chose to be in the audience, or on stage.

"For a kid who never saw high school to be able to perform to make sure that our future generations, our youngsters, find the right education and have a chance in life, that's the marker of all markers, really," said singer Tony Orlando.

Orlando, by the way, is celebrating 50 years in show business.

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