Positive outlook may increase golden years

LOS ANGELES But five sisters, ranging from 79 to 96 years old, have mastered the art of living younger and longer.

Some might say these sisters have figured out the secret to living long, happy lives. Exercise and other healthy habits will help you in the long run, but there may be some other ways to add to your golden years.

These sisters come from a family of 11, and among them, they share 28 children. Today these sisters and their three brothers are truly enjoying their golden years.

"Nobody uses a cane in this family," said one of the sisters, who is 90 years old.

They grew up as the Hurlberts and as adults, these sisters appear to have mastered the art of living younger longer.

"It blows my mind really to think that we have all lived this long we didn't expect to be here," said Mildred MacIssac, 93.

How can you live longer? Start by going raw. Studies show that eating just one cup of uncooked vegetables a day can add two years to your life. That's because cooking destroys up to 30 percent of antioxidants.

Noshing on nuts five days a week gives you almost four years. Flossing adds one and a half. And attending a religious service regularly has been shown to add two or three years. But having a positive outlook may be the most important factor in living longer younger.

Researchers found those who have a positive view of aging live seven-and-a-half years longer than those who don't. These sisters say they don't have a secret.

"I don't know what it is. We have I guess good genes," said one of the sisters, who is 96 years old.

But in this family, it appears to go beyond DNA.

The sisters agree their natural zest for life, coupled with a positive attitude keeps them young.

"I guess we are easy going and don't let things bother us," said Caldwell.

The women credit their mother for their sense of tranquility and their father for their playfulness.

Just a few ways to live a more lovely and long life.

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