Miley Cyrus: 'I'm not trying to be slutty'

LOS ANGELES The teen is releasing her new album, "Can't Be Tamed," and is doing it her way, even though some say she is going to too far for her age.

In a recent interview, Cyrus said "I'm not trying to be 'slutty. I'm not trying to be like, go to the club and get a bunch of guys ... What I'm trying to do is to make a point with my record and look consistent, in the way my record sounds and the way I dress."

Some people have criticized the singer for revealing too much skin in her outfits. The 17-year-old admits to being partial to shorts and hot pants. But she sees nothing wrong with flashing her legs.

"I'm really comfortable with my body, I work really hard to be fit and to know that I can wear whatever makes me most comfortable. I feel more comfortable dressing with a little less, which is just how I've always been," she said.

"Can't Be Tamed" is out on Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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