Josh Brolin goes for 'absurd' in 'Jonah Hex'

LOS ANGELES "/*Jonah Hex*/" is a Civil War veteran turned bounty hunter. He's also a killing machine when needed, and in this movie, he's needed a lot. /*Josh Brolin*/ plays the title role.

"We just wanted to go far out with this, man," said Brolin. "We just wanted to go as far out as we could. That's what was interesting for me and that's why, you know, I wanted to do it initially. I thought, 'I wonder if they'll allow us to really just make this into an absurd movie.' And that's what we did, and I'm very happy with it."

Brolin continued: "This is one of these things where we go, 'We haven't really quite seen anything like this,' so there's no real model to it. And I like that aspect."

Hex's face was branded by the movie's villain, played by John Malkovich. That meant a lot of special make-up for the film's star.

"I couldn't eat with the mouth thing on so I would go 14 hours without eating every day. And then all the liquids that I was trying to keep in would, yeah, maybe half fell out, maybe three-quarters," said Brolin.

/*Megan Fox*/ has a supporting role in "Jonah Hex." After seeing it I assumed the movie was rated "R." I was wrong. It managed to get a "PG-13" rating.

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