'All My Children' photos offered to fans

LOS ANGELES In honor of daytime drama "All My Children's" 40th anniversary, die-hard fans can really share in some of their favorite Pine Valley moments.

Special archive photos from the series entire history are now available for purchase. Four-hundred of the classic photos have been autographed by Emmy winner Susan Lucci.

"This is my very first head shot done at ABC on a hot summer day during rehearsal when I first began playing Erica Kane," said Lucci. "Some of the pictures are multi-character that tell a story. There are many wonderful shots the audience will be able to recognize."

Lucci says this photo archive is a rare opportunity and means a lot to her.

"This is a rare opportunity for me to think about those times and the different scenes," said Lucci. "Usually we're just propelled forward and have so much work to do. There are new scripts every day. So to have the opportunity to take a moment and think about these happy times is a wonderful treat for me as well."

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