Rona Barrett's one-woman show set to premiere

LOS ANGELES Rona Barrett is very much alive, recalling a story in her new one-woman show.

The proceeds benefit the Rona Barrett Foundation, a non-profit group she founded on behalf of seniors in need.

"They're the ones that are always getting short-changed," said Barrett. "They're the ones in the end that are always getting overlooked. And that's how come it brought me back."

Barrett will be taking her show across the country, using the proceeds to help seniors whenever she performs.

In her show, "Rona Barrett: Nothing But The Truth" she recalls stories from her years in Hollywood and shows highlights from some of her classic interview.

As television's first entertainment reporter, Barrett says she's proud of the doors she opened for others. She hopes people understand how hard she worked along the way.

"I had no agenda," said Barrett. "I was interested in what made people tick and I think that they, when watching one of my interviews, walked away really getting to know someone."

Local TV, network TV, fan magazines -- it was a different time. Barrett left it in the early 1990s before the age of the Internet exploded.

"I think that's why I got out when I got out. I could smell that something evil was happening in Hollywood," said Barrett. "It's changed drastically, but one thing I do know is that it always changes. But underneath it all, it's still the same issues and the same problems. It just wears a different dress."

Thursday night's show at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills is already sold out. But the show's producer tells me there are plans to bring Barrett back at a future date.

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