L.A. plays host to first lady, daughters

LOS ANGELES The motorcade was the big hint.

They had a late lunch at Los Angeles landmark hot dog stand /*Pink's*/ and watched the /*Lakers*/-/*Celtics*/ game at /*Staples Center*/.

The /*White House*/ tells Eyewitness News this was a quickly-planned private visit. They were originally booked for a vacation with the president.

"One of the secret service (agents) said that they were supposed to be in Australia, but the president was going to the oil leak so they decided to come to L.A.," said Beverly Pink Wolfe, co-owner of Pink's.

The first stop was at /*Camp Pendleton*/ on Sunday, where Mrs. Obama's made her only public appearance.

Later that evening, it was on to fine dining at Lucques in West Hollywood. Mrs. Obama and daughters made their way in through the back door.

"Everyone was just going about business as usual and then through the back door came Mrs. Obama and daughters and their entourage," said Lucques co-owner Caroline Styne. "When she left, she went back out through the back door and stopped in the kitchen and met the kitchen staff. Everyone was so thrilled."

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