Woman arrested in military-marriage scam

NEW ORLEANS "And I will go in and turn myself in. That's the only right thing to do over this," Bobbi Ann Finley told an Alabama television station last week.

But instead, she went to a restaurant in the French Quarter of New Orleans this week and was arrested when she allegedly tried to skip out without paying her $240 bill.

Investigators say over the past 17 years, Finley stole the savings of 40 servicemen, marrying at least a dozen of them.

Former Navy Sailor Shad Bauers was her second husband.

"I'm relieved that she can't be out there doing this to anybody else," said Bauers. "I had put her up in a one-bedroom furnished apartment down in Chula Vista and she stole all the furniture and pretty much destroyed the apartment."

Before her arrest, Finley admitted using her victims, but said it was a two-way street, and the equation included love.

"I wrote bad checks. A lot of these guys would go and get credit cards in their names, and then say 'here honey,'" said Finley. "I thought somebody would love me."

Police say Finley used at least 30 aliases and had nine children, many who have never known their real fathers.

Finley is being held on several arrest warrants from various states, as well as a conviction in one of the scams.

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