L.A. Film Festival to open w/ Sundance fav

LOS ANGELES "We want to appeal to everybody here," said L.A. Film Festival's artistic director David Ansen. "It's not elitist, it's for everyone to enjoy."

Ansen hopes to get more people into theaters for the annual /*L.A. Film Festival*/. To accomplish that, he screened more than 200 movies when looking for the final lineup.

Thursday's opening night film was a Sundance favorite, "The Kids Are All Right." But there's much more.

"We have a whole range of films from 'Despicable Me,' which is Universal's big summer animated movie, to obscure three hour Korean art films," said Ansen. "You will also see retrospectives. We're doing the 25th anniversary of 'Desperately Seeking Susan' for free."

That's right he said "free."

"Several things are free. We have a lot of community screenings," said Ansen. "We have great documentary's that are free. The tickets are not expensive, they're $12."

Well, except for one ultra exclusive event. The festival is hosting the world premiere of "/*The Twilight Saga: Eclipse*/."

"It is going to be quite an adventure with 'Eclipse' because the fans are really fans. They are very excited about this," said Ansen. "People coming from all over the country to see this movie. Our hope is that they will maybe stick around and try another flavor."

Those various "flavors" will be seen mainly at the Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live, but there will also be screenings at other downtown venues, all offering things that are new and different.

"Let's face it Hollywood is giving us literally the same old stuff. Especially during the summer time it is all the same formulas," said Ansen.

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