Woman guns down pit bull to protect her dog

SOUTH LOS ANGELES Officers were notified of the shooting at 835 W. Rosecrans Ave. at around 10:30 a.m. The woman said she and her dog were about to leave their apartment for a walk when the attack happened. She described how the two pit bulls suddenly appeared and lunged at the basset hound.

"She couldn't get the dogs off her dog. She went inside (her apartment) and got a gun," said /*LAPD*/ Sgt. Philip Thompson. "She was defending her dogs."

The woman called police and was instructed to temporarily hand the gun over to arriving officers, which she did, police said. A large number of people surrounded the scene.

Thompsons said no charges will be filed, and the police did not have injury reports for the basset hound or second pit bull.

CNS contributed to this report.

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