'Twilight' fans camped out at L.A. Live

LOS ANGELES Die-hard fans started camping out on Monday. Their mission is to be front and center at the premiere of the latest installment of the "/*Twilight*/" films.

The premiere of "/*Eclipse*/" isn't until Thursday at the /*Nokia Theatre*/, but that doesn't seem to bother the hundreds of fans desperately waiting in the elements.

Fans from all around the world have made their way to Los Angeles for the much anticipated premiere. They are all hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite "Twilight" stars.

One man from New Zealand made the trip to L.A. with his niece who is a true Twi-hard.

"I brought by niece. I told her I owed her a trip so we brought her out here and between her and my wife they convinced me to camp out," said Eric Irizarry of New Zealand.

Actors /*Robert Pattinson*/, /*Kristen Stewart*/, /*Kellan Lutz*/, /*Ashley Greene*/, /*Nikki Reed*/ and /*Peter Facinelli*/ are just a few of the celebrities expected to hit the red carpet Thursday night.

Many of the fans that are camping out for this major event say it is a great experience. They have made many friends and can share in all of the excitement together.

"Friends at home couldn't believe what I was doing," said Natalie Figueroa.

"We live in the same city, but I don't know her. This is great," said Amanda Jones.

Approximately 9,000 wristbands are being handed out to fans, who began erecting tents outside the theatre on Monday. Nokia officials, who have issued a list of camping rules, say the wristbands must be worn until the premiere is over.

"Eclipse," the latest in of the three vampire movies, opens in theaters June 30.

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