Rapist says junk food to blame for confession

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Bruce Tuck of Alabama has filed a 10-page petition on his own behalf. Tuck, who weighs 275 pounds, says that jailers fed him only lettuce, but when they offered him chips and soda, he was quick to confess to 19 /*felony*/ charges that led to a 60-year sentence.

Tuck claims his guilty plea was involuntary on six grounds, including the claim he was institutionalized with bipolar and suicidal tendencies and was not taking his medication at the time of his arrest.

Tuck's public defender said this kind of plea is common after a conviction. He said he did not know what Tuck ate in jail. Tuck's filing includes a request for an attorney. He still faces several Shelby County assault charges from 2009.

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