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'Twilight: Eclipse' stars get physical

June 23, 2010 12:00:00 AM PDT
Besides the romance in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," there is also a lot more action. It's darker and edgier due in part to some of the nasty vampires.

There's a fresh face racing through the "Twilight" saga this time around. Bryce Dallas Howard has joined the cast as not-so-nice vampire Victoria.

Howard is huge fan of the "Twilight" books. She said while shooting the third film was a lot of fun, it wasn't easy.

"They put me on a treadmill. They had trainers for us who specialized in running," said Howard. "They helped us get as fast as possible with the least amount of effort so that we could do the takes over and over again. Then they created contraptions and that made it appear as though we were running 40 mph, which was very cool."

Dakota Fanning joined the "Twilight" family during round two of the saga.

In "Eclipse," her evilness is back and tougher than ever. At times, Fanning and her followers don't seem to walk, they seem to glide.

"We were harnessed and pulled through the trees," said Fanning. "We floated through the trees. It was really fun."

Fanning's role as an evil vampire might be a hard one to top. "She is really bad. She's going to be hard to beat," she said.

"Twilight: Eclipse" hits theaters on June 30.