Fans prep for Michael Jackson's 1-yr tribute

GLENDALE, Calif. Raquel Roman Rodriguez arrived from Spain on Monday. She said she had been planning the trip for seven months to be in Los Angeles on the one year anniversary of her biggest idol's death.

"I can't explain it," she said."My family says I'm a little crazy."

Hana Ouhaj, who was at Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, will be hosting a party for her friends.

"We're going to play his old movies, all his songs and pretend he's there with us," she said.

A group of fans from all over the globe met each other online and joined a pilgrimage. Together, they visited the Jackson compound in /*Sherman Oaks*/, where the emotions overflowed.

"'Off the Wall' helped me when my dad passed away, and then when he made 'Dangerous,' he helped me through some other things," said Carolyn Jones, a Jackson fan from St. Louis. "Michael, I can't say, I just love him."

The legacy of /*Michael Jackson*/ promises more crowds on the anniversary of his death.

/*LAPD*/ is adding extra motor officers to keep the street clear in front of the Jackson house. No parking will be strictly enforced. It will be the same around Glendale's /*Forest Lawn Park*/, where the pop star is entombed.

Visitors will not be able to see Jackson's grave, but they will be able to leave items at the entrance of where he's buried. The gates will open at 8 a.m. Friday.

Fans are advised that they will not see an entourage of the Jackson clan as they line up on Friday.

"Randy has private plans to deal with his remembrances of Michael and the family members who want to go to Forest Lawn. It's strictly by Randy who says this is what he and the family want to do," said /*Joe Jackson*/'s attorney Brian Oxman.

Katherine and Joe will attend observances at Michael's birthplace of Gary, Ind. Katherine will return for a tribute at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday.

"The family really has not been able to recover from Michael's death. It has hurt /*Katherine Jackson*/ deeper than anyone realizes," said Oxman.

At Forest Lawn, park officials will allow visitors to walk onto the grounds to a barricade on Holly Terrace.

Fans can leave flowers and cards. However, doves, video cameras, candles, balloons, statues, posters, incense and radios will not be permitted.

The group that met online says they plan on joining the throngs, but there is much to see before then.

Some have saved thousands of dollars and traveled around the world to show their support and dedication.

"This is a memory in the making. It's history in the making," said Jones.

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