Cool Kid collects baseball gear for other kids

IRVINE "Sometimes you'll see the little kids and they'll be the big star and hit it over everyone's heads. I think that's awesome," said Bock.

Bock found out that players in an underserved area in the city of Boron did not have access to the same quality equipment he has available in his Orange County neighborhood. So he founded Colby's Double Play to collect and deliver baseball gear to kids in need.

"Now they'll be able to play all the way up to my age and even older. I just almost provided them nine years of baseball for them, which is really cool," said Bock.

In addition to helping other kids, Bock has brought awareness to people in his community.

"A lot of them saw the pictures of Boron and they were like, 'Wow, I didn't know. Southern California this is a great place, I didn't know it could also be like Boron,'" said Bock.

At his young age, Bock has made a life changing discovery.

"You're giving back and it's just the best feeling that I've felt so far in my short 14 years," said Bock.

Making sure that more kids get in the game, Colby Bock is our /*Cool Kid*/.

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