Jackson fans gather to honor the King of Pop

GLENDALE, Calif. At /*Forest Lawn Memorial Park*/ in Glendale, Jackson fans will be allowed to file past the mausoleum where the singer's body rests. But fans are being warned to be ready for a long wait and a lot of walking.

While fans will be allowed into the cemetery, they will not be allowed into the mausoleum. The closest they'll get is a paved road in front of the building.

Glendale police are warning mourners not to arrive before the gates open at 8 a.m.

"We don't want people waiting in lines, camping out, it's just not tolerated here in the city of Glendale," said Glendale police Sgt. Tom Lorenz.

You may walk onto the property, but good luck finding a parking place outside the park to begin your trek. There is no parking along Glendale Avenue in front of the cemetery.

"That parking you do find on city streets are limited, you will not be able to walk from a city parking stall into the park, through the mausoleum and back before your vehicle is ticketed," said Lorenz.

Jackson fans will be allowed to drive onto the cemetery property, but they must enter from San Fernando Road, turning north onto Glendale Avenue and then right into the park. Mourners will be directed to park on one of the many roads on Forest Lawn's 300 acres. They will then have to hike as far as a mile uphill and get in line to pay their respects.

Fans can leave flowers and cards. However, doves, video cameras, candles, balloons, statues, posters, incense and radios will not be permitted.

"Drop flowers if you have any and then you make a U-turn and walk past it again and then you'll be asked to return to your car and leave," said Lorenz. "If you want to walk in and you plan on putting a chair down, a beach chair on the sidewalk, that's a camping ordinance violence in the city of Glendale and you will be cited for that too."

Close friends and family members, such as Jackson's brother, Randy, are also expected to gather at Forest Lawn cemetery for a private service at 11 a.m.

"My family and I will be in attendance as we mourn the loss of my brother. I would like to thank the fans and friends for their continued love, support, and prayers," Randy Jackson said in a statement released Thursday.

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