Dog saves canine friend from coyote


The coyote jumped a fence into Jim Saffert's yard and went after his smallest dog named Kona. The coyote bit down hard on Kona's neck to try and break it.

"It was making an attempt to break the dog's neck so that it wouldn't fight," said Saffert.

Saffert's other dog, Tucker, came to Kona's rescue and bit the coyote on its leg until he let go of Kona. The coyote escaped.

Tucker bit the coyote so hard he broke his jaw. He now has a wire in his jaw, which will be removed in about six weeks.

"He is a pretty brave, pretty brave little guy. We're proud of him. He was protecting his little friend," said Saffert.

Meantime, Kona has claw marks on her side and a big gash on her neck. Both dogs are expected to be OK.

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