Hollywood burger stand fighting to stay alive

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. "It kind of really bothers me," said Al cella, a customer. "I've been coming here on and off for 30 years. I'm about to /*Facebook*/ it so all my friends find out. Whoever we need to raise hell with I'm prepared to join in the fight. This is a bunch of bologna."

"It's a tradition," said Roy Thornton, also a customer. "I think they should keep it, just like the Hollywood sign."

The city's community redevelopment agency paid about $5.5 million for the land here and now they are selling it for less than a million to a real estate developer who plans on tearing down /*Molly's*/ and building an 8-story office building.

"This is a project that we've worked on for the last four years and it was really at the request of the city," said Hal Katersky with /*Pacifica Ventures*/.

"We don't need another 8-story building," said Jymie Darling who was eating there on Tuesday. "Take a look around you. We have enough. We don't need more. We need to keep our identity of old Hollywood."

The owner of Molly's has hired a lawyer to try to save her burger stand.

City leaders say they're looking at alternative locations for Molly's and are asking to delay the office project until it's determined whether or not this little slice of Hollywood is a Los Angeles historic cultural landmark

"When you start taking down the little landmarks, the little so-called eyesores, you're really taking away the identity of Hollywood," Darling said. "This isn't progress. This is actually ruining what Hollywood is all about."

"We'd hate to see Molly's go too," Katersky said. "We've offered Molly's that they could stay in the building. In fact, we're going to make them one big, outstanding offer. We're willing to go overboard and give them the best deal in Hollywood."

On this city block filled with modern and trendy buildings, one rickety little burger stand hopes it will still stand as is for years to come.

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