'Eclipse' debuts to patient, screaming fans

BURBANK, Calif. But they're in love with the "Twilight" phenomenon.

"It's worth the wait," said Shazi Sharif who waited in line with her three girlfriends. "The experience of being here all together, waiting in line, anticipating for when the movie starts. It's really exciting."

"I love my children, I'll do anything for them," said Liz Leal, a mom sitting and waiting in line. "I've been here since early in the morning."

At the AMC Theatres in Burbank, fans seemed to be around every corner.

This time out, there are more boys in the mix.

"I heard it was action packed and I think it got five stars, or something, " said Jack Solomon, waiting with his friends -- all males -- for his first "Twilight" film.

"What's happening is that the audience is expanding for 'Twilight' because guys are feeling, you know what? It's OK to see this movie," said Harry Medved, spokesman for movie ticket retailer Fandango.com.

Still, it's not for everybody.

"They don't want me to go," said Joanie Coyote, standing next to two young girls.

They did want her to go -- home.

The AMC in Burbank added an additional show at 3 a.m.

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