Tips to add flavor to bowl of oatmeal

LOS ANGELES We know that oatmeal is a great /*breakfast*/ choice due to its fiber and cholesterol-lowering abilities, but let's face it - a daily bowl can be boring if you make it the same old way.

Maple syrup is not just for pancakes. Try adding it to your oatmeal, or try a few teaspoons or even a tablespoon of your favorite jam.

Consider dried fruit as a chewy surprise to your oatmeal. Some good options include dried cherries, apricots or even figs rather than raisins.

Since berries are big in the summer, strawberries offer a sweet solution, or try microwaving a quarter cup of blueberries with your oatmeal, or a few tablespoons of sliced fresh apple.

Looking for a nutty take on it? A tablespoon of chopped of walnuts, almonds or cashews offer the heart-healthy fat to your food.

Some options that kids of all ages might like include spooning in creamy peanut butter, toasted coconut or chocolate syrup.

For those who would rather have a bit more protein in their morning, try a quarter cup of plain fat-free Greek yogurt or a sprinkling of cheddar cheese. You can even add in a slice of bacon for a savory breakfast. Bacon may be a high-fat food, but one slice is only about 45 calories. You can also try leaner Canadian bacon for heartier options.

There are almost as many choices of oat options as there are toppings. We've all seen instant packet offerings, and there's also regular or old fashioned, and steel cut, which is oat groats that have been halved and cut several times.

Now here's an interesting thing about oatmeal: Whether you're getting the steel-cut kind or the instant, the nutrition profile is about the same. A sugar-free bowl will cost you about 150 calories and 4 to 5 grams of fiber.

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