Cool Kid helps foster kids in South L.A.

CARSON, Calif. "We brought them to our school and we had a yard laid out and we played different sports with them, different games like tug-a-war, and we had different stations like arts and crafts where they could paint," said Arellano.

She gives dance lessons, helps with games and teaches the kids to have healthy eating habits.

"It pays off, not with money, but in your heart. To see them smile, it's nice," said Arellano.

Because of the bond she feels with these children, Arellano is planning a career in teaching.

"I have students that come up to me and hug me, and it's a really nice moment to have kids around," said Arellano.

No matter her future, Arellano knows the importance of making time to help.

"Even in college, I know that I want to continue volunteering," the teen said. "I want to look back and know that I did something in my life and that I [made] a difference in a couple of children."

Doing what she can to give all kids a chance at a good life, Rosario Arellano is our /*Cool Kid*/.

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