Orange County bail bond agent arrested

SANTA ANA, Calif. Ronald Lee Brockway, 50, of Seal Beach, was arrested early Thursday.

Brockway is accused of sending numerous e-mails to attorneys soliciting them to participate in an illegal bail bond scheme with his company, Respect Bail Bond.

In his messages, Brockway is also accused of suggesting that the attorneys refer bail bond business to him. He is also accused of offering to refer clients to the attorneys in order to "increase both of our earnings substantially."

He is also accused of unlawfully soliciting business from inmates by mass mailing flyers to the Orange County Jail.

California law prohibits bail bond employees from soliciting bail business from any inmate. The law also prohibits bail bond employees from recommending any attorney to any bail bond client, even if no money changes hands.

Brockway was being held on $50,000 bail Thursday morning. He faces a maximum sentence of three years and eight months in state prison. A date for his arraignment has not yet been determined.

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