Tiger Woods may fork over $700M in divorce

LOS ANGELES /*Woods*/ has taken his golf game to the AT&T National outside Philadelphia, but a big chunk of his wallet might be headed elsewhere.

According to reports, a pending divorce settlement with his wife Elin could pay her a staggering figure of $700 million.

What does /*Tiger*/ get in return?

"Total silence from Elin. She can't go write a book about him. She can't go to the media. That is what he gets, and that is worth a lot of money to him," explained Steve Helling of People magazine.

People says Elin will get custody of the two kids and spend most of her time in Sweden in her newly purchased $2 million island estate.

Tiger will get ample visitation, under certain conditions.

"He can only introduce a woman to these children if he is going to marry that woman," explained Helling.

Some suggest the $700 million figure might be impossibly inflated.

Forbes magazine estimates Woods' net worth to be just $600 million.

But if it's anywhere close, it would still rank as one of the biggest divorce settlements ever, topping the $50 million "/*Avatar*/" director /*James Cameron*/ was said to have paid Linda Hamilton.

Wood's settlement would also top the $70 million that /*Madonna*/ reportedly paid Guy Ritchie.

However, it would be less than the reported $1.7 billion split between media mogul Rupert and Anna Murdoch.

Seven months after the car accident that unraveled his sordid personal life, Woods says he's taking responsibility for his mistakes.

Those mistakes will apparently be very expensive. Many of the revelations about Woods' conduct were leaked after therapy sessions at a clinic in Arizona.

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