Suspected O.C. molester caught in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO Richard "Butch" Guillen, 60, was arrested May 13 for molesting a 13-year-old boy at a /*Sacramento*/ Motel in February 2010.

Guillen was a school bus driver in Santa Rosa, Calif. The young victim rode with the Guillen to and from school. In February, the boy was allowed to travel with Guillen to Sacramento to stay overnight to attend an auto show. During the trip, Guillen gave the boy alcohol and molested him.

The boy reported the incident to family members, who in turn contacted law enforcement. An investigation ensued, and detectives arrested Guillen at his Santa Rosa home. During a search of his home, investigators found thousands of photographs from various Santa Rosa-area youth sporting events.

Investigators also found that from 1980-1995, Guillen coached various youth baseball, skateboard and surfing teams in /*Hunting Beach*/ in /*Orange County*/ as well as /*Imperial Beach*/ in /*San Diego*/ County.

Detectives strongly believe that there were other children victimized by Guillen during the years he lived in Southern California. Anyone who believes they were victimized by Guillen or has information regarding his interaction with children is urged to contact the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department at (916) 874-5203.

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