L.A. toy district stores raided for fireworks

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES More than a dozen stores were raided in the toy district a day after a fireworks accident left a teenager seriously injured.

"Investigators went into some of these occupancies and found there was a plethora of illegal fireworks," /*Los Angeles Fire Department*/ Capt. /*Steve Ruda*/ said. "All fireworks in the city of Los Angeles are illegal.

Authorities seized roughly 250 boxes of potentially dangerous fireworks.

The boy who suffered injuries had dropped a box of fireworks that exploded.

"Now, a 17-year-old boy has burns and serious injury to his eyes," Ruda said.

Authorities said it's shocking to see how many vendors are willing to break the law.

Some store owners expressed gratitude in seeing the boxes of fireworks confiscated.

"It's very dangerous," said Marta Koltunccyk, a local store owner. "To play with those, it's not a game. I'm very happy that they swept the stores. I hope they'll learn their lesson."

The fire and police departments said if store owners who are selling illegal fireworks call and ask to have the fireworks removed they will not run the risk of being cited.

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