Julie Andrews plays mean in 'Despicable Me'

LOS ANGELES /*Julie Andrews*/ got an Academy Award nomination for the 1965 film, "/*The Sound of Music*/." She won the Oscar a year earlier for another classic, "/*Mary Poppins*/."

Andrews is now offering her voice to the family film "/*Despicable Me*/," and while she marvels at how far animation has come, she still marvels at what they were able to do back in 1965.

"The amazing thing is how well they did it in those days when they didn't have all of the technical advantages that they now have," said Andrews. "I mean, think about what Disney pulled off, because they are pretty seamless tricks that Disney manages to make happen."

Right now, Julie is enjoying her role in "Despicable Me" as /*Steve Carell*/'s not-so-nice mother.

"Isn't she wonderful though? She's just appalling. She's terrible! And I love it!" said Andrews. "Wouldn't it be awful if everybody thought that that's really what I'm like? But no, she's delicious to play, though, because she's really, totally out to lunch about how bad and awful she is."

Her movie son is named "Gru," and the actor who plays him has his own thoughts about his character's "mom."

"But you watch this film and she's this, Gru's sort of mean mom, but even underneath all of that, you still like the character and I think I think that's a tribute to who she is because she's just so nice," said actor Steve Carell. "She can't not be nice."

"Despicable Me" is rated "PG."

It also features the voices of Jason Segel and "iCarly"'s Miranda Cosgrove. It'll be in theaters on Friday.

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