Woman finds drunk, half-naked intruder in home

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. "There was a guy with no pants on in my bed and I thought, I don't know this guy," Nate said. "I had to undo my deadbolts and I walked in and I noticed there were shoes on the floor and I noticed pants on the floor."

Nate went up to her bedroom and found the young man face down passed out in her bed.

"He was drunk," she said. "When I walked into the room, when police had secured the room, I could smell the alcohol. It was really, really strong and he was just out of it. He didn't know what was going on."

As it turns out, the intruder lived in this home until about three years ago when the family moved out, but last night he allegedly was so intoxicated he came back here to go to sleep.

"He was later identified as a 16-year-old," said Lt. Mike King of the /*Simi Valley Police Department*/. "He was extremely intoxicated and thought he was at the right house."

Residents in the quiet residential neighborhood in Simi Valley found it unusual.

"A police car was parked outside and our neighborhood is really quiet," said Casey Cochran, Nate's neighbor. "We didn't really know what was going on. It wasn't until this morning that we found out."

"This is very surprising," said neighbor Margie Cochran. "We've lived here for 28 years and nothing like this has really happened before."

On Monday, Nate changed the locks in her home. The intruder apparently was able to use his old key to get inside and she's making sure that doesn't happen again.

"I learned something," Nate said. "You change your locks."

The suspect was arrested for trespassing, public intoxication and public nakedness.

Since he's a minor, he's been turned over into the custody of his mother.

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