Boy's wish comes true: superhero for a day

SANTA ANA, Calif. "He's super excited," said his mother Monica Valle. "Super excited."

Michael was about to have his dream fulfilled after fighting the battle of his young life.

"It's been a roller coaster," said Michael's sister Rosie Valle. "A lot of ups and downs and sad times, but we make the best of it."

The Loma Linda resident was diagnosed at age 3 with neuroblastoma. He had a solid tumor removed from his abdomen.

"He's been through it all," his mother said. "Chemo, radiation, stem cell transplant, two major surgeries, you name it, he's been through it. But, you know what? He did it all with a smile on his face."

Now in remission, Michael has had one wish for a long time: to become a superhero.

The /*Santa Ana Police Department*/ teamed up with the /*Orange County Sheriff's Department*/ and the /*Make-A-Wish Foundation*/ to make Michael's dream come true.

"What he truly wanted was to help people and save people and so he came up with everything," Monica Valle said. "His costume, his name, everything."

"Flying Michael the Batman," Michael declared.

And just like that, Flying Michael the Batman set out.

He received a call from Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem /*Claudia Alvarez*/ to help save some fictitious people and catch a criminal.

"Santa Ana's number one enemy, Catscan," Alvarez informed Michael.

His ground transportation, befitting a true superhero, was the /*Batmobile*/ used in the movie, "/*Batman Returns*/."

"He's a little superhero on his own, fighting cancer as he does every day of his life," said Frankie Valle, Michael's brother. "Doing this is something he has always wanted to do."

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