Carell lends his voice to new animated film

LOS ANGELES But this week, the busy actor is lending his voice to a new animated film.

Carell plays the lead role in the new family film "/*Despicable Me*/" about a villainous sort who has a plan to steal the moon.

The film's animators didn't seem to steal the character's look from the actor who plays him, but some say they see a resemblance.

"Some people have been saying that's a spitting image of me," said Carell. "There have been other people coming in and saying, 'Wow that's like exactly you.' and I'm like, 'Really? Oh come on, why are you doing that to me?'"

Even though Carell and his character Gru may not be spitting images of each other, there's definitely a reason why the two do make similar faces.

"As you're recording they'll put a little lipstick camera that records everything that you do so sometimes you see expressions pop up," said Carell. "More often than not, my wife or my kids can see the expressions because you don't really know what your face is doing all day. But they're like, 'Oh dad you do that. That's something that you do.'"

Throughout the film, Gru wants to be the baddest of the bad but his soft and funny side does come out.

"I think he's maybe less evil than he wants to be. He has this self-perception that he's an incredibly evil diabolical genius but I think underneath it all there's definitely a heart that you come to see later on," said Carell.

"Despicable Me," rated PG, hits theaters on Friday, July 9.

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