Woodland Hills family wakes to SUV crash

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. Authorities responded to the home on 22000 block of Providencia Street, just west of /*Topanga Canyon Boulevard*/, at 1:51 a.m. They found an SUV wedged in the kitchen wall of the home.

The female driver had apparently struck a parked car, veered into the yard and then slammed into the house.

There were four people inside the home at the time of the accident, two adults and two children, but they were on opposite sides of the house sleeping. Police said no one was hurt in the wreck.

The mother in the house said she woke up when the SUV hit the parked car on the street and heard the vehicle crashing into the home.

Police took the driver into custody on suspicious of driving under the influence.

Although the SUV went through the home, authorities said the home is still structurally sound and has not been /*red tagged*/.

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