Cool Kid shares love for animals with kids

CARSON, Calif. Araks Ohanyan is a cool kid in the volunteer program at the Los Angeles Zoo. She shares her enthusiasm with everyone who comes to visit.

"I want people to feel the same way that I feel about animals because I feel like is what I want to do for the rest of my life: Be next to animals, learn about them, teach others," said Araks.

With so many creatures and so much to tell, Araks sees that young minds are eager to hear what she has to say.

"I know kids love to share information with their friends. They love to be like, 'Oh, you know what I learned today about?' It makes me feel good. It really does, because I know they'll be so excited about it that they're going to want to maybe one day become a volunteer themselves," said Araks.

The /*Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association*/'s volunteer program looks for certain qualities in their volunteers. Because Araks has such a great way with young and old alike, she's definitely an asset.

"She knows how to talk to them. She knows what they want to know about," said Kirin Daugharty, manager of the volunteer program. "She really connects with them, and I think that's great. She has a passion for this place and it really shows when she talks with everyone."

For Araks, this has always been more than just a summer activity.

"I'm probably going to be going to college in Philadelphia in the fall," said Araks. "I'm hoping to actually major in zoology and maybe go into maybe field study is what I really want to do."

Araks Ohanyan shares her love and knowledge of the animal kingdom for all who come to see and learn. That makes her our /*Cool Kid*/.

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