'Grim Sleeper' may have committed more murders


/*Los Angeles Police Department*/ homicide investigators continued Friday to collect evidence at Franklin's home.

There are dozens of families whose loved ones' murders remain unsolved are now hoping that Franklin's arrest and new DNA technology will bring them some answers.

"It's something that you can't even start to heal because you don't know who did it," said Gilda Green-Hagood, stepsister to one victim.

It's been 16 years since Green-Hagood's stepsister was found stabbed and strangled and found in a carport in Gardena.

"She fought him, so they have her DNA up under fingernails," said Green-Hagood.

The 40-year-old /*Gayle Marie Rousselle*/ was believed to be one of at least 10 victims of the "/*South Side Slayer*/," a serial killer who preyed on women in the 1980s. Green-Hagood has kept newspaper clippings for years, hoping some day she would have answers.

Now she believes that time has come, thanks to new DNA technology and the arrest of Franklin, accused of being the "/*Grim Sleeper*/," a serial killer allegedly responsible for another group of murders in South L.A.

"That gives me hope, with the miracle of DNA testing now, just like they found him, that gives me a lot of hope," said Green-Hagood.

That hope is shared by LAPD officials, who say with fresh DNA samples from Franklin now in the computer database, they may be able to close other unsolved murders.

"I will say that we have some very promising evidence that has been recovered from his residence that I believe will connect him to these crimes and maybe some others," said /*LAPD Chief Charlie Beck*/. "This is a city that was no stranger to homicide in the decades of the '80s and '90s. And we'll be looking at all of those, especially the ones where the victims were female."

Beck said the department has at least 30 unsolved murders that they are now working on.

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