Review: 'Despicable Me' is simple, silly, fun

LOS ANGELES Carell is clearly having a good time with his role, and that helps us have a good time watching.

The film has those moments that work for kids and adults -- sometimes on different levels, like the scene when he's reading to his newly adopted daughters.

"/*Despicable Me*/" is a fun adventure aimed purely at keeping you entertained. And, for some reason, for kids, gas jokes always bring on the giggles.

Besides Carell, "How I Met Your Mother's" /*Jason Segel*/ and /*Julie Andrews*/ join in on the fun.

"Despicable Me" is being sold as a big 3-D adventure. I saw it in 3-D but I don't think you really need those effects to enjoy it.

For the most part, it has an old-fashioned feel and I like that.

"Despicable Me" also features the voice work of comedian /*Russell Brand*/ and "iCarly's" /*Miranda Cosgrove*/.

It's rated PG, and it's simple, sometimes silly, fun.

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