'Kids Are All Right' has Oscar buzz

LOS ANGELES One difference is there's no Dad.

/*Annette Bening*/ and /*Julianne Moore*/ plays a lesbian couple who see their lives turned upside when their almost-grown children seek out their anonymous sperm donor father.

At its core, the film looks at just what makes a family a family.

"People who are there for you, people you spend time with," Moore said. "I do think of family as really about time, how much you've invested in someone else and their well being."

/*Mark Ruffalo*/ plays the successful restaurateur who's surprised to find out he's the father of a teenagers, but realizes he likes the idea of being part of a family.

"I dare anybody who's been in a family, married a long time, whatever, to not see themselves in these people," Ruffalo said. "They're rare, these movies, where you can capture something so personal and at the same time very humorous."

The film's release is a timely one, given the ongoing debate over gay marriage.

Moore hopes through art and education, this will become a non issue.

"It's like suddenly going, yeah, you know my cousin is gay, or hey my neighbors are gay, and that's not so different from me," Moore said. "The more people have exposure and knowledge, I think the less divisiveness there will be."

"/*The Kids Are All Right*/" is rated R and is in limited release now.

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