Plane crash lands on Chino Hills golf course

CHINO HILLS, Calif. There were about two dozen people near the area where the pilot of the plane landed at /*Los Serranos Country Club*/ about 2 p.m.

There were no injuries to people on the golf course or the pilot.

"We were right there on the driving range," said Jennifer Nay of Chino. "We turned around, saw the plane hit, saw it bounce three times and it just stopped."

Pasadena pilot Phil Samuelian has been flying planes for a decade, but when his trip from Kernville to /*Corona Municipal Airport*/ was cut short because he ran out of fuel, he decided to do something he's never done: make an emergency landing onto a golf course.

"I was coming straight over the mountain, so I was at about 9,000 feet," Samuelian said. "I was descending pretty rapidly, which means I had enough speed...when the engine first started sputtering."

Samuelian's 1968 Cessna 177 crashed head-on with a flagpole just yards away from the driving range and just inches away from two people sitting in a golf cart.

"They got out in time. Let's put it that way," Samuelian said. "I saw people briefly diving for cover and I'm glad they dove out of the way."

"Somebody said, 'Is that guy trying to land?'" said Eric Anderson of Chino. "That's when I saw the plane come in. The next thought was, we don't need to be here."

The country club owner said the crash caused about $10,000 worth of damage. Samuelian's insurance should be able to cover it.

The /*Federal Aviation Administration*/ is now looking into the crash. They said that if the pilot was not flying with enough fuel, it is against their regulations.

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